Me: you can talk to me whenever you feel bad! I'll always be there for you

Me: *bottles up problems* *doesnt talk about it with anyone* *lays in bed instead of trying to solve my own problems*


Troye: The first ever video that you watched I tagged you on tumblr and put you in the thumbnail. I actually filmed the video, stopped and was like how can I get Tyler Oakley to watch this? So I reclicked record, mentioned you-

Tyler:  You went back to reflim?

Troye: Yeah, if you go back and watch the video you can see my postures different, the lighting’s a little different, everything’s different. It was a different take and I was like cool, I’m gonna try and get his attention and it worked.

It’s been two years since Tyler stumbled across Troye’s video and changed all of our lives forever.